When are you open?

We are open approximately mid-July through mid-November annually. Monday through Saturday 9am to 6pm. We are closed on Sundays. Check our home page or Facebook for the latest updates.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes, we accept cash, credit, debit, or checks.

What is a peck? What is a bushel?

These are traditional volumes of farmed produce. One bushel is a typical apple crate and is about 1.25 cubic feet in volume. When filled with apples, it weighs 42 pounds on average. A peck is a medium basket and equals one quarter of a bushel or just over 10 pounds. We also sell 1 bushel, ½ bushel and ½ peck volumes in our market.

What are the prices of the apples?

Our fruit is an outstanding value, but since we sell our apples by volume (½ pecks to full bushels) and not by weight, it might be difficult to compare to grocery store prices.  Our prices get better with larger volumes. Our best apples (“firsts” or #1) are priced approximately $1.40 per pound. Our next best apples (“seconds” or #2) are about $0.75 per pound. U-pick price is the same as our firsts. Please contact us for wholesale prices.

What is the cost for U-pick?

We do not charge a fee to enter our orchard. We only charge based on the volume (pecks and bushels) that you pick. U-pick prices are the same as our firsts in the market (see above).

Is your cider pasteurized?

No, we do not process our cider after pressing. We press fresh cider nearly every week during the open season and sell it quickly for you to enjoy. We only make cider with apples we grow on site. Please keep it refrigerated and drink or freeze within a week to preserve its unmatched flavor! 

How should I store my apples?

Apples keep best cold and stored between 33 and 50 degrees. To prevent shriveling or rotting, keep the humidity just right. You can spritz with water if wrinkles form. Firm late season varieties like Granny Smith, Pink Lady, Winesap, Fuji, and Evercrisp are especially good keepers.

Are pets allowed in the Orchard or Market?

No, pets and other animals are not allowed in our market or working orchard except for service animals as defined by the ADA. We have a grassy shaded area for leashed pets to rest during your visit.

Can we get a tour of the Orchard?

We currently provide free in-depth guided tours to school and non-profit groups on weekdays. Our general tour lasts about 30 minutes and includes a walk through our market, grading facility, cooler, and cider mill as well as a journey through the orchard to pick an apple. Please call or email us for more information or to schedule a future tour. We are currently fully booked for the 2022 season.

Can we bring a picnic?

Yes, we know a lot of people travel from far away to visit us and kids need to eat. You are welcome to bring a blanket and eat a picnic at the top of the hill. We ask that you be considerate and pick up after yourself to maintain the beauty of our orchard.

What else can we see in the area?

We always visit Country Crust Bakery and JR General Store. Cash/check only – Bainbridge, OH – 15 mins east.

Also check out this link for other activities

Do you allow professional photographers to do a shoot in the Orchard?

Yes, you are more than welcome to take professional photos in our orchard at no cost during open hours. Please contact us with the date and time you plan to visit.

Can we pick up drops or windfall?

Yes, we consider these “animal apples” and do not recommend for human consumption, but you are welcome to take some bushel bags, collect from the ground, and check out with us once you are done. We also offer animal apples for sale in the market.

Do you sell cider apples?

Yes, any apples that are graded out or too ripe are saved for pressing into cider. We typically have extra to sell to anyone who would like these for cooking or cider making, though variety may be limited.. 

Do you sell animal apples (deer apples)?

Yes we sell bushel bags of drops and overripe apples not fit for human consumption. Horses, deer, sheep and cows love them!